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Are You Missing Emails about our Workshops, Training or
International Guest Events?


We May Have Some Solutions for You!




You may be missing emails from us about upcoming workshops and training if:


  • you use Gmail as your email provider

  • emails through your website address bounce through to Gmail 

  • you have provided us with an agency email address as your contact

  • you have changed email addresses and haven't advised us





Gmail solutions


Emails received by Gmail are now sorted into 3 inboxes: Primary, Promotions and Social. Any emails that are constructed in HTML or that contain images will usually be auto-sorted into Promotions. So your options are:


    • Firstly please add our email address to your address book. This will help your email service to recognise the sender, which is: admin@cep.net.au
    • Look through your Promotions inbox regularly for CEP emails - and if you don't want to keep doing that:
    • Hold and drag emails from us to your “Primary” tab. The following message should appear: “The conversation has been moved to “Primary.” Do this for future messages from admin@cep.net.au? Clicking “Yes” should help ensure that future messages from us land in the Primary inbox where you’ll be more likely to notice them
    • Turn off the auto-sorting of emails into 3 separate tabs (Primary, Promotions, Social) as follows:

      ⇒ Log into your Gmail account

      ⇒ Click the “Settings” gear icon at the top right of the inbox

      ⇒ Select “Settings” from the drop-down list

      ⇒ Go to “Inbox” tab

      ⇒ Uncheck all inboxes except Primary

      ⇒ Scroll down and click “Save Changes.”


Agency Solutions


Your agency’s firewall may block anything deemed “promotional”. To ensure you receive emails from us, we suggest you provide us with a personal email address.


Email Address Updates


Just send us a quick email with 'change of email address' in the subject line. To email us click here