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International Focusing Trainer (Counselling Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Coach)

Dr Greg Madison

returns to SYDNEY in late February 2017
where he will be running 2 Focusing Workshops for CEP


Dr Greg Madison


New to Focusing or want to refresh and deepen your Focusing?

The 2 day workshop is for you


Ready to Integrate Focusing into Your Work?
The 3 day workshop is for you







Want to refresh and deepen your Focusing and integrate Focusing into your Work?
The 5 day package is for you









2 day Introduction to or Deepening of Focusing Practice:

"Feeling What We Live:
How Focusing Connects Us to the Deeper Feelings in Ourselves and Others

Mon 20 & Tues 21 February 2017


Focusing is not a linear practice or about accumulating more knowledge. So, whether you are new to Focusing, have participated in one of Greg's previous 2-day workshops, or gained a little experience elsewhere, this 2 day workshop is a great way to start or to deepen your personal Focusing practice.


For those new to Focusing, it offers the opportunity to explore the practice of Focusing as a means of natural body awareness. For those who participated in Greg's Expression of Inner Voice in the World or have similar introductory grounding, it offers the opportunity to expand and deepen the experience of Focusing through an exploration of its practice. Greg will introduce Focusing as a personal practice with the potential for self-insight and for living in a more open way.  He will then move on to taking this self-awareness into our development as practitioners and explore the impact this might have on our understanding of therapy.


Of interest to practitioners across all modalities, participants will acquire an introductory knowledge and awareness of a dimension that can enhance a more embodied approach to their own living and to therapeutic practice.

PD Hours: 12



$490 EB (EB payments by Mon 30 January 2017)


The Intuitive Well
Suite 1/ 70 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction - see maplink


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3 day Workshop on Focusing Oriented Therapy (FOT):


"Integrating Experience: Practising the Essence of Focusing Oriented Therapy"


SYDNEY: Wed 22 to Fri 24 February 2017


For those with significant personal Focusing experience and who now wish to incorporate it into their work with clients, the 3 day workshop is a great way to expand practice into the therapeutic domain. These 3 days will offer a natural progression for anyone interested in integrating Focusing into their work and in finding their own style for the process.


The model will be offered as a gentle and respectful yet rigorous alternative to models of dominance, whether by external authority, internalised oppression, conceptual restrictions or social/political structures.


It is open to practitioners who have previously attended Greg's 2-day workshops in 2014 or 2015 - and now 2017 - and to those who attended the 5 day workshop in 2015.


There will be prior readings distributed for course preparation and participants will be expected to use some time in the evenings to review each day, conceptually and experientially.

This workshop can count towards the Certificate in FOT for those pursuing this route*

PD Hours: 18



$690 Early Bird (EB payments by Monday 30th January 2017)



The Intuitive Well
Suite 1/ 70 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction - see maplink

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* Certification is anticipated as a 2 year pathway that encompasses:

    • a series of weekend Focusing workshops
    • a regular Focusing practice
    • exposure to at least 2 Focusing trainers
    • FOT supervision








5 day Package - both workshops

Offering a combination of introducing or deepening personal Focusing practice, followed by the expansion of Focusing into therapeutic work, the 5 day package is suited both to those newer to Focusing and those with significant experience.


Focusing is about directing awareness into the body to access and learn from what the body knows. Similar to meditation, it is in the practice of Focusing where the ability to be with oneself in this way increases. So, the learning from the 5 days is anticipated to be valuable for all and different for each individual, depending on the level of prior experience.


PD Hours: 30


Special Package Price:

Cost: $1150


The Intuitive Well
Suite 1/ 70 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction - see maplink


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About Greg Madison



Greg Madison

Born in Canada and currently based in the UK, Greg is a Registered Psychotherapist (UK, EU & World Certified), Chartered Counselling Psychologist (BPS & HPC), Registered Coach & Mediator, Senior Lecturer, Researcher (currently at City University, London), Associate Fellow of the BPS & International Trainer.




Greg Madison Theory and Practice of FOT Emerging Practice in FOT Greg Madison

Greg has recently edited two books on Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy: Theory and Practice of Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy: Beyond the Talking Cure and Emerging Practice in Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy: Innovative Theory and Applications - both comprehensive introductions to Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy which lay out the background and fundamentals of the approach, covering theory and practice. Greg is the co-editor of Existential Therapy: Legacy, Vibracy & Dialogue (Barnet L & Madison G, 2011). His other books include Existential Migration (2010) and HIV and Human Being (2010).


Greg founded the London Focusing Institute, a community of people who are learning, practising and teaching Focusing